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There are many common grounds between wine and music. For example, variation in both is endless and they evoke pleasant emotions. Whether you are a great wine connoisseur or simply appreciate a glass now and then, we think it is important that everyone can make a good choice. That’s why we have a fun way of linking a number of music genres to a certain type of wine. With this guide, you can easily find that glass of wine that is a hit for you. Of course, you can always count on our advice, if you have questions. We will be happy to help you find the wine you are in the mood for today.

Enjoy the simple things in life. Just like that nice pop song on the radio that you sing along to in the car, these wines give you a lot of instant pleasure. No bullshit, fruity and easy to drink. Guilty pleasure has never been so good.

With these sturdy and bold wines, there will always be one aspect that stands out, like that one guitar solo you’ve been waiting for. That can range from fruity to spicy, but these are always the solid full-bodied wines that will blow you away without compromise.

From quiet and soft to dynamic and fast, but always elegant and refined. Some experimental jazz can be surprising and atypical. The first note never reveals everything, which eventually triggers your attention. The satisfaction and enjoyment will be greater in the end.

World music and folk, they formed the basis of many contemporary musics. With this genre, we are looking back to the origins and in wine, this translates into pure and natural elements such as floral, mineral and animal.

This genre can range from sweet to explicit, often accompanied by bling-bling. Most of the wines you’ll find here will be sweeter or will be bubbles. Perfect to celebrate a romantic moment, as an aperitif or dessert.

This genre is both socially engaged and controversial enough to challenge established norms. This rhymes with wines having special characteristics or made according to a particular method. Often, these are wines from an excentric winemaker or atypical, which can lead to interesting discussions.

These wines have rightfully earned their reputation for a while. Never change a winning team, is a sentence that suits them perfectly. Such classics have the typical characteristics that you expect from them or that come from a well-known wine region.


Indian summer tasting


Meet our wine suppliers at this free wine tasting. We will present a selection of their wines, some solid values and new gems. Thanks to our neighbors at NONA, we will enjoy in a beautiful, unique setting.



When: 16 October 2022 from 1pm to 5pm
Where: Nona Kunstencentrum (golden building), Begijnenstraat 27, 2800 Mechelen 

Private Wine Tastings


Wine tastings are also possible. You can book a tasting via the Resengo link. These always take place on a Sunday at 14h and you can register for at least 8 persons. After you’ve reserved, we will contact you to discuss your wishes. If you wish to do a tasting on another day, please send us an email to check what is possible.


POP tasting: These are easy-drinking wines that will appeal to a wide range of people. This does not prevent them from having depth and, in general, they are popular. The price per person is 35€.


RAP & HIP HOP Tasting: These are a little more eccentric and are either loved or hated. They are distinguished by distinct winemaker or terroir choices. Tasty and adventurous! 40€/p.


JAZZ Tasting: These wines are in the slightly more expensive price range. They are surprising and complex. The price is 50€/p.

wine @ home


Our wine list changes constantly, so please email We are happy to help you choose the wines that are music to your ears. If you prefer to choose by yourself, we will gladly send you the most recent wine list. Tailormade wine packages and gifts for every taste and budget are also possible.

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